In my work, I search for and extend the borders of the self. I do this from within the very personal, as the only self that can truly be extended, even lost, by me is my own. I search for that personally - perhaps even physically - felt experience, where my extension or loss becomes yours. Borders extended hint at borders infinitely extended, creating one body from which to experience.


I search in whatever medium I deem most logical and direct, resulting in performances, films, photographs, sculptures, drawings, and music.



1991                   Born in Arnhem


2013-2016         Royal Academy of Art - The Hague - Fine Art - Bachelor

2012-2013         Glassell School of Art - Houston - Analogue photography

2011-2012         Royal Academy of Art - The Hague - Fine Art 2009-2010        

2010-2011         Leiden University - Leiden - Art History - Propedeuse 

2009-2010         Glassell School of Art - Houston - Painting, drawing, silversmithing



2016                As close to black as blue can be - Megastores - The Hague 

2015                More than eleven, less than thirteen - Minerva - Groningen

2013              Uitgelicht #27 - Filmhuis - The Hague