The space is dark. A projection of the forest appears on the wall , creating the only present light. A shape becomes visible on the floor underneath the projection. It appears to be a body under a large piece of cloth. The cloth is tied in a circle with bricks. The soft sounds of bells and car honking in the distance fills the space. A woman's voice starts humming. More voices join in harmony. A woman walks through the forest, disappearing behind one tree, re-appearing from behind another, until she disappears entirely. The shape on the ground stirs, begins to rise. The humming stopped, only strange notes, the meows of cats and the tinkling of bells is left. The body underneath the cloth rises up further. When stretched out completely, a tent is set up. The woman underneath is visible from the belly down. The projection goes through the cloth casting a shadow of her body on the wall.  I don't remember how the image of human body setting up a tent came to me, it must have been in a (day)dream.